Thursday, June 1, 2023

15 Fixes for Beauty Problems Everyone Has but No One Talks About

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This is another one of those skin issues that no one talks about, however, butt acne, aka “buttne,” is definitely a thing. This cream is what you need to clear up butt acne and inflammation. It’s antibacterial, moisturizing, and repairing, according to the brand. Once you clear that skin up, you can keep applying this lotion as a preventative treatment. 

Some Amazon customers say this is a “miracle product.” One elaborated, “I will break out from wearing workout leggings for too long. Or tight clothing in general! I recently moved to a beach city and I am constantly wearing a bathing suit, I’ve been SO self conscious about my butt that some days I wouldn’t even want to go to the beach or wear my super cute bikinis because of my butt breakouts, so I would wear my more covered bathing suits. This has been a saving grace.”

Another shared, “I am truly satisfied with how this product works on Butt acne. I am 51 and have always said, ‘Better there then on my face’ but seriously who wants this at 51. I have been overjoyed with the results.”



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