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2 NFL Players Who Were The Biggest Winners At Trade Deadline

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With the NFL trade deadline over, there are winners and losers with those trade deals.

While most of the talk is over NFL teams, fans should focus on the players.

However, with all the players who were traded before the deadline, only two stand out as big winners.

So with the trades already completed, which two players came out of the deadline as huge winners?


2. T.J. Hockenson

T.J. Hockenson woke up on a one-win team on Tuesday, but went to bed that night on a team with only one loss.

With the former Detroit Lions tight end going to the Minnesota Vikings, he might play in the NFL playoffs this season.

Going from the worst team in the NFL to a playoff contender is making him a trade deadline winner.

While the Vikings have plenty of weapons on offense, Hockenson is just one more weapon for Kirk Cousins.

With the star tight end having a breakout season, he can continue his wonderful 2022 performance with a winning team.


1. Bradley Chubb

When the Miami Dolphins made their move for Bradley Chubb, he never knew how good the trade was going to be for him.

With him being on his final year of his contract, some thought the Dolphins might let him play out that final year.

However, the team signed him to a five-year contract extension.

With him going to a playoff contender, and getting a new contract, Chubb is the biggest trade deadline winner.

No other player got as lucky as he did with his trade to the Miami Dolphins.



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