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2 NFL Teams That Are A Mess Right Now

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Some NFL teams that were hoping for good seasons have been a mess so far this year.

It happens every season when certain teams fail to reach expectations.

Two teams in particular have been terrible through eight weeks.

While there is still time to turn your season around, it seems very unlikely to happen.

Here are two NFL teams that are a mess right now.


Las Vegas Raiders

It is hard to talk about the biggest messes in the NFL without mentioning the Las Vegas Raiders.

After adding Davante Adams in the offseason and a new head coach in Josh McDaniels the expectations were high in Las Vegas.

But, through seven games, the Raiders sit at 2-5.

Their worst performance of the season was last week against the Saints, where they did not cross mid-field until the fourth quarter.

McDaniels might be on the hot seat after just one season.

Along with questions about the future of Derek Carr at QB.

Winning the AFC West is already out the window, so they will need at least 10 wins to clinch a wild-card berth.


Denver Broncos

We stay in the same division to find another one of the biggest messes in the NFL.

The Denver Broncos had expectations to be a Super Bowl contender.

Instead, they will be lucky to make the playoffs.

Russell Wilson has been a disaster at quarterback, and Nathaniel Hackett does not seem right for the head coaching job.

Denver even traded away their best pass-rusher at the trade deadline because they are 3-5.

Despite having one more win than the Raiders, the Broncos are not a good team.

They even lost to the Raiders back in Week 4.

The Broncos have been a mess all season, and there does not seem like a clear path to fixing it.



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