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2 NFL Teams That Have Overachieved So Far In 2022

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The NFL has seen plenty of shocking teams in 2022.

These teams were teams no one thought could do anything this season.

However, these teams are outperforming expectations so far in 2022.

So which two NFL teams are overachieving so far in 2022?


2. Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings have pulled off some amazing wins this season.

With them being 8-2, the Vikings are having one of their best seasons in a long time.

While the team has two crushing defeats on their record, they have wins over the Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills.

Their win against the Packers got their season off to a good start, and has them leading the NFC North.

In the process of their 10 games this season, they have done well having come back from behind wins.

These wins are putting them in first place in their division.

With them well ahead of their division opponents, they are overachieving this season.


1. Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles came out on fire in the NFL for 2022.

They went 8-0 to start the season, before losing their first game to the Washington Commanders.

However, their 9-1 record is the best in the NFL, as they are dominating teams.

While they are benefiting from having an easy schedule, their team is shining during 2022.

Both their offense and defense are putting up solid numbers.

With the Eagles having a top 10 defense, it’s been hard for most teams to do well against them.

While their defense stands out, it’s Jalen Hurts and his improvements that show how the Eagles are overachieving this season.



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