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2 Offseason Moves The Bears Need To Make

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The Chicago Bears head into their 2023 NFL offseason with plenty of issues they need to fix.

However, they must make wise choices if they want to fix these issues.

While some NFL teams made bold moves in 2022, not all of them paid off.

The Bears need to learn from the mistakes of other NFL teams to have a great 2023 offseason.

With the offseason quickly approaching, there are two moves the Bears must make to help their franchise.


Build Draft Capital To Repair The Team’s Defense

The Bears come into the 2023 NFL Draft with the first overall pick in the draft.

This pick can easily net them some additional picks if they trade back.

With the team needing to rebuild their defense, they can trade back to build their draft capital and rebuild their defense.

While the team can rebuild through free agency, getting elite young talent from the draft gives them a better rebuild.

With the defense blowing many games this past season, they must address their defensive issues.


Get Justin Fields An Elite Receiver

The Bears can pull off an offseason like the Philadelphia Eagles had in 2022 if they do things right.

With Justin Fields as their quarterback, and Chase Claypool and Cole Kmet on the roster, he’s one receiver away from improving his passing game.

While Claypool was a disappointment for the Bears, he has potential.

However, Kmet was a proven star during the season.

If the Bears can add an elite receiver, either through the draft or free agency, then Fields can improve in the passing game.

Doing this will make him a bigger threat during each game.



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