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2 Things We Learned In The NFL On Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving day was a big day for six NFL teams.

These teams took their time to hit the gridiron and entertain fans during the NFL’s annual Thanksgiving day games.

But now the turkey is gone and the games are over, it’s time to see what we learned from those games.


2. New York Giants Shifted Momentum With One Play Call

The New York Giants were shocking everyone with their 13-7 halftime lead on the Dallas Cowboys.

However, the moment they went down by one point, one play call shifted the entire momentum of the game.

During the third quarter, the Giants went for a first down on a fourth and one.

With the Giants on their own 45-yard line, the play was insane with the game so close.

The play shifted the momentum into the favor of the Cowboys, leading them to a 28-20 win over the Giants.


1. Detroit Lions Have The Heart To Fight, But Still Come Up Short

After pulling off an upset win over the Green Bay Packers, the Detroit Lions have gone on a winning streak.

However, their biggest test was on Thanksgiving day against the Buffalo Bills.

While the Bills are a Super Bowl favorite, they didn’t blow out the four win Lions.

In what should have been a blowout, the Lions took the fight to the Bills.

After being down early, the Lions took the lead in the fourth quarter.

However, the Lions couldn’t hold on to the lead, despite putting up a great fight.

While they have some fight now, the teeth of the Lions’ defense have no bite to hold off elite offenses.



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