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3 Moves The Yankees Need To Make This Offseason

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The New York Yankees have once again come up short of a World Series trip.

Now, heading into the offseason they are once again faced with holes in the roster that need to be filled.

Otherwise, the fanbase is going to be very upset if no changes are made.

Here are three moves the organization needs to make to be successful in 2023.


3. Call Up Anthony Volpe

The first move the team needs to make doesn’t involve the free agent market.

With top prospect Anthony Volpe waiting in the minors, it is time to call him up.

He has the projectable mold of a middle infielder that might thrive in the Bronx.

He also is a different type of player that the Yankees’ lineup could use; he plays using more of his speed and contact, something that tends to lack in their lineups.

This should be the first move on their plans.


2. Re-Sign Judge and Rizzo

With Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo hitting free agency this season, there are a pair of major holes both in the field and the lineup.

While much publicity has rightfully given to Judge for his recent season, Rizzo was the glue that held the team together in many ways.

Defensively, his value at first base is something that goes overlooked.

Losing him would be crushing for the team defensively, not to mention how important his left-handed bat is.

Because of this, both Rizzo and Judge are important to bring back.


1. Edwin Diaz

One of the biggest holes in the Yankees roster last season was their lack of a shutdown closer.

While Clay Holmes looked like one of the most dominant arms in the first half of the season, he became unreliable later in the year.

Looking at the free agent market, Edwin Diaz would make perfect sense in this role.

His electric stuff and fascinating walkout would be a major draw for fans, while his dominance would help the Yankees secure games in the late innings.



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