Wednesday, June 7, 2023

‘A Toss-Up’: the fate of the US Congress in the balance as Trump puts off voters

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After Tuesday’s Midterm elections, the Republicans look set to take the House of Representatives from the Democrats, but by a much smaller margin than predicted by pollsters.

Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Essex, Natasha Lindstaedt, tells Euronews that the results do not look like the “red wave” Americans were expecting.

The conditions looked perfect for a Democrat wipe out; usually the party of the incumbent President struggles in Midterm elections, and currently most Americans do not feel the economy is in a good shape.

However, many Trump-endorsed candidates failed to win seats as Democrats turned out in high numbers, fired up by the issue of abortion rights.

The fate of Congress is currently a “toss-up” according to the professor, as Trump appears to have put off voters on both sides.

“This particular Midterm was really, really significant for a lot of reasons besides just the control over the house and the senate, but it was also about the future of American democracy,” Lindstaedt tells Euronews.



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