Friday, February 3, 2023

Aaron Rodgers Sounds Off On His Latest Hand Signals Report

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The internet and sports media personalities have been making a big deal out of a report over Aaron Rodgers’ use of hand signals.

While the report came from Kalyn Kahler and The Athletic, Rodgers has something to say about the story.

During his segment with Pat McAfee, the Green Bay Packers quarterback gave his thoughts about the story.


Rodgers Attempts To Debunk The Report  

When he was on the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers answers questions about the article coming from The Athletic.

He starts his rant off with telling viewers the story was “by far the dumbest nothing burger article” he’s read the entire season.

He then said later in the interview how “95% of that article was horse****.”

The denial from Rodgers is loud, while McAfee suggests to him the story comes from anonymous sources.

However, another NFL analyst exposes Rodgers as a fraud with his latest comments.


Shannon Sharpe Uses Rodgers’ History Against Him

While McAfee and Rodgers are attempting to debunk The Athletic article as a “nothing burger,” Shannon Sharpe wasn’t having it.

He goes into detail with players who went on the record about Rodgers and his antics.

Sharpe also brought up Rodgers’ history and reasons to not believe him.

He further says how him being the only one to know these hand signals “might explain the lack of success,” the Packers have during the playoffs.

With a list of Packers players, both current and former putting their name to this story, it’s hard to believe Rodgers disputing this story as a “nothing burger.”



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