Sunday, November 27, 2022

Alicia Silverstone & Stacey Dash Have a TikTok Clueless Reunion

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Alicia Silverstone is still rollin’ with her homie Stacey Dash.

The Clueless stars recently reunited for a totally phat TikTok video, which served up all the nostalgic feels. In the clip, shared by Stacey on Nov. 6, the actresses recreated an iconic moment from their beloved ’90s teen comedy during an appearance at Rhode Island Comic Con.

“Would you call me selfish?” Alicia, 46, lip-synced along to one of her character Cher’s memorable lines, to which Stacey, 55, mouthed back as her character Dionne, “No, not to your face.”

The on-screen BFFs then danced along to the rest of the audio remix, which also featured another one of Dionne’s other classic quotes: “Well, there goes your social life.” Stacey captioned the clip, “Forever Cher & Dionne BFFS.”

She followed up the sweet video with a behind-the-scene TikTok of the two stars trying to nail their voiceovers and giggling in the process.



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