Sunday, January 29, 2023

Allison Williams, Daughter of Brian Williams, Discusses Her Privilege

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Allison Williams has entered the chat about privilege and nepotism.

The M3GAN star opened up about growing up in Connecticut as the daughter of news anchor Brian Williams, and journalist Jane Gillan Stoddard, within commuting distance to Manhattan—and the leg up in in life that afforded her.

“There’s no conversation about my career without talking about the ways in which I have been fortunate,” Allison said in a Dec. 29 interview with Wired in which she described her privilege as “thorough.”

“I was definitely concerned with making sure people understood I was a hard worker,” she said, “as if somehow that would absolve me of the privilege.”

Allison had her breakthrough role in HBO’s Girls in 2012, playing Marnie Michaels, the character that everyone loved to hate. And when blogs and the media found out who her father was, the accusations of nepotism emerged.

Allison suggested that she felt pressure to prove she had her acting career on her own merits and that she was truly ready. 



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