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Apex Predators update swoops into War Thunder

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If you’re into war games and still need to check out Gaijin Entertainment’s incredible vehicular combat simulator, then what are you waiting for?! This free-to-play multiplayer combat game is famous for its extensive arsenal of military hardware, featuring planes, tanks, warships, and pretty much any other war machine you can imagine.

This vast arsenal is thanks in large part to the constant updates that come to the game at regular intervals throughout the year, adding new vehicles, graphics options, and even game modes. The latest update, Apex Predators, brings with it a fleet of new vehicles for you to pilot, along with new locations that will play host to epic battles.

New jets

The star of this latest update is without a doubt the new jets coming to Rank VIII. There are several high-powered F-16s and Tornado models, as well as some extremely dangerous MiGs.

One of the top new vehicles coming to War Thunder is the Tornado IDS, a strike aircraft used by pilots from Britain, Germany, and Italy. The Tornado is known for its incredible versatility, boasting variable geometry wings and supersonic capabilities, which make it one of the toughest jets to take down.

Also coming to Rank VIII is a formidable Soviet fighter – the MiG-29. This lethal fighter boasts incredible speed and is capable of dogfighting at supersonic speeds. At high altitudes, the jet is able to reach Mach 2, patrolling the ‘upper floor’, and controlling the entire battlefield through airborne supremacy.

Designed primarily as an interceptor, the MiG-29 is still able to support ground troops with an arsenal of conventional ordnance, such as heavy S-24B rockets, S-8KO rocket pods, incendiary, and HE bombs. But where the MiG really shines is in air-to-air combat. Its high speed and climb rate paired with its arsenal of lethal R-class missiles makes it almost unstoppable in the air. Make sure you’re prepared for the effects of G-force, however. A less-than-prepared pilot could lose control of the fighter in the most crucial moment.

The F-16A is another major addition to the roster; the F-16A Fighting Falcon is one of the top tier fighters in the USA, Israel, and China categories. This elite aircraft has an excellent climb speed and can easily break the sonic barrier while maintaining a high level of controllability and roll speed.

On top of its fine manoeuvrability, this fighter also packs some serious heat and is capable of carrying up to six sidewinder missiles. You can also use 19x500lb bombs, incendiary bombs, and unguided rockets controlled by a ballistic computer to rain destruction down on targets below.

Sweden players can look forward to the arrival of the Viggen (JA37D), a powerful fighter first designed in the 1970s that remains an integral part of military history. Also on the way is the A-6E TRAM for the USA and the Kfir Canard for Israel.

New tanks

Fans of ground warfare have plenty to look forward to as well, with the new low-tier French premium based on the Giant Char 2C. It comes with a 155mm cannon that blows away any enemies that stray into its path.

Players can also look forward to a new top-tier Chinese MBT, as well as the Japanese SPAA, the SUB-I-II. Finally there’s the Sea Harrier FRS.1, a squadron vehicle for the UK that can be unlocked by being in a squadron in-game. You’ll earn collective activity points towards your chosen vehicle, so you can unlock these vehicles as you play around with the rest of the update.

New locations

It’s not all about hardware in the Apex Predators update. There are also some exciting new locations to check out, starting with the Gold Quarry. The map is based around a gold ore refinery plant in the Tian Shan Mountains, where players must fight to control capture points among ore heaps, and is perfect for mixed battles.

Elsewhere, players will find Snowy Poland, a winter version of the existing Poland map. Experienced players will already be plenty familiar with the layout of this location, but will find new twists thanks to the frozen lake, creating new capture zones.

Ready to start your War Thunder campaign? Download the game for free today on the platform of your choice and join the fight! If you’re an existing player, download the update and start enjoying all of the new content.



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