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Are The Cowboys A Real Super Bowl Contender?

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The Dallas Cowboys are heading into their Thanksgiving Day game with some momentum.

With this momentum, they are hoping it can catapult them into the playoffs.

However, some think their 40-3 victory over the Minnesota Vikings makes them Super Bowl contenders.

While they dominated the Vikings, does it mean they are turning into Super Bowl contenders?


Cowboys Defense Has A History Of Choking In The Playoffs

While the Cowboys defense allowed zero touchdowns against the Vikings, they don’t play the same when in the playoffs.

That elite looking defense collapses under the playoff spotlight.

Fans saw this when their defense couldn’t sack the San Francisco 49ers quarterback during the team’s playoff game.

They also saw their defense choke when Dak Prescott went toe-to-toe against Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs.

Despite scoring 31 points in that game, the Cowboys defense let the Packers win by three points.

The history of the defensive struggles doesn’t give confidence that they can reach the Super Bowl.

Another case against the Dallas defense came just weeks ago in Green Bay.


Cowboys Couldn’t Defeat A Struggling Packers Team In Week 10

While Rodgers hasn’t been an MVP like quarterback this season, he had a solid performance against the Dallas defense.

Despite being one of the worst deep threat passers this season, he made some key deep completions.

While he only had 224 passing yards, he had three touchdowns and zero interceptions.

With the Cowboys only sacking him twice in the game, he had time to make his throws.

If the struggling Rodgers can light up the Dallas defense, any playoff team can do the same, making them Super Bowl pretenders.



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