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Astros Offer A Grand Gesture To Their Employees

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The Houston Astros are much more than just the 2017 sign-stealing scandal.

That happened, they got their punishment (whether it was harsh enough is a different story), and everybody moved on.

The moral punishment has been plenty.

If we point out the mistakes, then we all should identify the Astros’ good moves, too.

Here is one, in case you are keeping score:

In all enterprises and projects, including professional sports teams, loyalty should be rewarded.

It’s a nice move by the Astros to offer their long-time employees the chance to attend World Series games on the road.

Even if it is one game, these workers will have the chance to root for the team in a difficult environment.

Astros owner Jim Crane didn’t really have to do it, especially since it involves accommodation, food, and other expenses.

However, he did it anyway, and it should be celebrated.


A Very Nice Gesture

More recognition should go to the people working behind the cameras, in this case in the Astros offices, for years making sure every process is done the right way.

There will be three games in Philadelphia, from Tuesday to Thursday on consecutive days, and each full-time or part-time employee with 20 years of experience will get the chance to attend at least one of them.

Hopefully, more organizations follow the Astros lead and start thinking about their long-time employees more often.

The 2022 World Series is currently tied at one victory for each side.

The Phillies currently hold the homefield advantage after winning Game 1 in Houston.

The Astros, however, remain the favorites to win it all.

Will the Phillies be able to upset them and win their first Fall Classic since 2008?

We will know this week.



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