Thursday, June 1, 2023

Be Our Guest to See This First Look Pic of H.E.R. as Belle

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When life is a movie, H.E.R. is the best part.

In newly released images by ABC, the Grammy winner dazzles in the iconic yellow colors of Disney princess Belle. However, unlike the gown Belle has donned in the past, H.E.R. embraced the look in a new way for upcoming movie Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration, out Dec. 15 on ABC.

Pairing the look with silver hoops and yellow heels, H.E.R. is seen standing confidently in a golden power suit as a cape flows behind her. Alongside the singer is co-star Josh Groban, who plays Beast in the adaptation, wearing black clothing with a blue trench coat.

In the photo, the pair pose atop a stack of vintage books, while illustrations of Belle and Beast face their backs.

“Part Animated Film. Part Live Action Spectacle,” the photo reads, “100% Disney Magic.”



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