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Blue Jays Fans Now Know A Rival Won’t Poach Their Top Star

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The Toronto Blue Jays are one of many teams lucky enough to have a generational talent on their roster.

For the Blue Jays, that player is Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Sometimes, when a player comes up with an organization and becomes a star, they end up leaving in free agency and signing a mega deal with a big-market club.

The New York Yankees are a team that often cashes in on big-name free agents.

However, when Guerrero was asked about potentially signing with the Yankees when he becomes a free agent, he made it clear that that wasn’t something he planned on doing.

“I like to kill the Yankees,” he said. “I would never sign with the Yankees, not even dead.”


Guerrero Makes Opinion On The Yankees Clear

At the very least, Blue Jays fans need not worry about Guerrero leaving and signing with the Yankees when he becomes a free agent.

Yes, he may find a new home, but it looks like if that ends up being the case, his new home won’t be the Bronx.

The Yankees and Blue Jays have had a fierce rivalry over the past few seasons, with the two teams being neck and neck in the standings last year and the Blue Jays earning a Wild Card this year while the Yankees captured the division crown.

Clearly, Guerrero does not think highly of the Yankees and hopes to never wear a Yankees uniform.

This might rub some Yankees fans the wrong way, but Blue Jays fans will take a lot of pleasure in Guerrero’s comments.



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