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Cardinals Fan Calls On Team To Follow Astros’ Example

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Long ago, the St. Louis Cardinals were a model franchise, consistently competing for a World Series title year in and year out.

However, they have not reached the World Series since 2013 and haven’t gotten as far as the NLCS since 2019.

What the Cardinals did so well during their heyday was developing talented players and building a sustainable model of consistency from within.

The Houston Astros have perfected that technique and are right on the cusp of another World Series title.

On Twitter, a Cardinals fan pointed out how well the Astros have perfected their technique and notes that they don’t always make big trades or signings.

He called on the Cardinals’ front office to take some notes on how the Astros do things.


How The Cardinals Built Their Model

The Astros are doing exactly what the Cardinals were able to do from 2011-2015.

In that span, St. Louis won three division titles, reached the NLCS four straight years, reached the World Series twice, and won a title.

Rarely did we see the Cardinals make a huge splash in the free agent market or even trade for big-name players.

That isn’t to say they didn’t do anything, with a perfect example of that being the trade that brought John Lackey to St. Louis.

But St. Louis had built a sustainable model of consistency and success mostly from within.

Now, it’s the Astros who are doing just that and perfecting the technique.

Most of their stars have come from within and they have become the building blocks for the franchise.



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