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Celtics Star Is Confused About The Ime Udoka Situation

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It sounds very likely that Ime Udoka, who previously coached the Boston Celtics, will be moving on to the Brooklyn Nets in the next few days.

The news of Udoka’s change of employment was surprising because he was currently in the midst of a one-year suspension from the Celtics when the Nets started knocking at his door.

Most people thought he’d be sitting out a lot longer after having a consensual relationship with a female staffer.

But instead of suffering his full punishment, Udoka just spent a few weeks out of a job before finding a new one.

Marcus Smart of the Celtics doesn’t get it.

Speaking about the Udoka situation, Smart said it didn’t make any sense:

“His name got slandered & slaughtered and it was ‘He’ll probably never coach again.’ And a couple months later he’s possibly going to be the coach of one of our biggest rivals. It’s tough. It makes no sense.”

Smart seems to be upset that he’s no longer playing under Udoka’s leadership.

However, many others are upset that the man is back coaching an NBA team after such a short amount of time.


Time For Ime

Nearly everyone expected Udoka to miss an entire year – at least – when he was suspended from the Celtics.

There were many, including analysts in the know, who suggested that Udoka would never coach another NBA team.

That doesn’t seem to be the case and it’s leading many to shake their heads.

How are the Celtics comfortable letting Udoka get another job if he did something so bad that he deserved a one-year suspension?

And why are the Nets okay with hiring someone who is just coming off such a major scandal?



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