Friday, June 9, 2023

Coronation Guest Reacts to Conspiracy Suggesting He’s Meghan Markle

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No, Meghan Markle was not in disguise at King Charles III‘s coronation.

A bizarre theory purporting that the Duchess of Sussex had attended the May 6 crowning ceremony incognito surfaced this week when a photo of Sir Karl Jenkins, a Welsh composer, at the coronation went viral. A number of royal watchers theorized that Karl was actually Meghan sporting a fake mustache, shaggy wig and large glasses in order to fly under the radar at the royal gathering.

Now, in response to the online chatter, Karl took to social media to clear the air.

“I understand there has been a lot of interest in me since I appeared at the coronation of King Charles III,” the 79-year-old said in a May 9 TikTok. “I was quite surprised that some people thought I was Meghan Markle in disguise.”

Explaining how he was at the coronation because he worked on a musical piece being performed there, Karl continued with a laugh, “I look this way all the time!”



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