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Cubs Fans Have A Long List Of Offseason Demands

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It was a season full of disappointment for the Chicago Cubs.

After signing Marcus Stroman this past offseason, the Cubs went 74-88 and finished in a distant third place in the National League Central to the St. Louis Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers.

This offseason, the Cubs will have a lot of work to do if they want to get back to where they were back in 2018.

It’s very likely that we have seen the last of Willson Contreras in a Cubs uniform.

But that doesn’t mean that fans of the lovable losers aren’t dreaming of a big offseason.

One fan laid out a list of demands for ownership and general manager Jed Hoyer.


Cubs Fan Leaves List Of Demands

Clearly, this fan wants a couple of starting pitchers.

A few solid arms to go with Stroman would actually give them a pretty scary rotation.

This fan also wants a top shortstop, a solid defensive center fielder, a big bat, and a few relievers.

While it’s unlikely that the Cubs do all of that, there are areas where they could look to improve the ballclub and give themselves a better chance of success in 2023.

Candles are another thing this fan wants.

That would be the easiest item to check off the to-do list, as it wouldn’t cost nearly the amount money it would to sign a superstar.

But all jokes aside, it’s unlikely that the Cubs will accomplish everything on the list, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t try and add a few pieces to the team for 2023.



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