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Derrick Rose’s Future With The Knicks Is Unclear

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The New York Knicks have not gotten a lot out of Derrick Rose so far this season.

D-Rose has been willing to play hard and spent the summer getting into the best shape of his life, according to him.

But head coach Tom Thibodeau has not been calling on Rose and the player has averaged just 12.7 minutes per game.

That’s quite the change for the former MVP who was playing for double that time just last season.

Rose isn’t quite sure about what’s going on with him and the team but he hasn’t brought it up with Thibodeau.

Speaking to the press, Rose made his plans clear:

“I’m letting everybody be, man. The last guy he wants to hear from is the guy who has been in the league for 15 years going in and complaining and b—hing. Just trying to give everybody the space.”

Rose is in some sort of limbo with the Knicks but it sounds as if that might not be changing any time soon.


Relying On Rose

A diminished amount of time on the floor at this point in Rose’s career isn’t surprising given that he’s now 34 years old and simply cannot play like he used to.

But the drastic drop in minutes and the lack of a solid role for him is a bit surprising.

Rose is not just any player, he’s a three-time All-Star, MVP, and Rookie of the Year too.

He is a supremely talented player, even at his age.

Thibodeau is obviously trying to figure out the best lineup for his team and is making tweaks to who he uses and how often he uses them.

Sadly, this resembles the way he coached last year – and last year ended with a horrible track record.



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