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Do Sons of the Forest trees regrow?

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Wondering if Sons of the Forest trees regrow over time in Endnight’s survival horror game? It may seem like a silly question, you’re in a forest surrounded by trees, right? But wood is an essential resource in building a sturdy, cannibal-safe base, as well as lighting fires and crafting recipes, so you’ll need plenty of it.

The best location to focus your Sons of the Forest building and set up camp is somewhere surrounded by trees, both for cover and resources. Preferably, you also want to find somewhere with rivers and streams around you, making it easier to get water in Sons of the Forest and keep your stamina up for carrying all those logs. But whether you build among the trees or out in the open in the crafting game, you might still find yourself running out of building materials. So, do trees regrow in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest tree regrowth

Sons of the Forest trees regrow from saplings in the dense forest areas of the open-world game. They do not regrow in exactly the same place, and take time to reform. However, this does mean that if you are building in a tree-filled area of the Sons of the Forest map, you will never run out of wood. Trees don’t grow back from stumps, so feel free to wield your Sons of the Forest modern axe and chop down stumps to clear space for your camp.

So, just ensure there are plenty of Sons of the Forest trees around you when you start building, and you’ll find that, over time, they’ll replenish for you to chop down once more. Failing that, don’t let Kelvin die, and you can send him off in search of logs. Speaking of getting a helping hand, you can also recruit Virginia in Sons of the Forest, and while she can’t help you build, she can support you in fending off other mutants. Then there’s Sons of the Forest multiplayer too, in which you can add up to seven more people to your game and become an unstoppable survival force.



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