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Dodgers Fans Are Still Bitter About An Anniversary

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The 2017 World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros was marked by controversy.

Not so much as the World Series per se, but the whole season for the Astros: that’s the year in which they implemented a complex sign-stealing scheme involving the use of technology to decode opposing catchers’ signs.

To relay these signs to their hitters, they used to bang a trash can in the dugout.

The baseball universe hated on the Astros for a few years, and a lot of people still do.

Today, but five years ago, the Astros won Game 7 and took home their first crown in franchise history.

Dodgers Nation, however, took the chance to let the feelings of the entire Dodgers’ fan base known via Twitter.

“OTD in 2017, the Astros* stole a World Series from the Dodgers,” they tweeted, with a trash can, while quote tweeting the Astros’ anniversary post.


The Dodgers Felt Robbed

Dodgers and New York Yankees fans have been the most vocal against what the Astros did.

Naturally, they were affected in the postseason, as they lost in the World Series and the American League Championship Series to Houston.

To this day, no one knows for sure if the scheme was implemented in the Fall Classic, and to what extent, but MLB said it was used during the postseason.

The league suspended the Astros general manager Jeff Lunhow and their manager AJ Hinch, as well as other coaches and people behind the scandal.

Dodgers players, like Cody Bellinger, have trashed the Astros in public, as they feel the World Series they won is tainted.

They feel they were cheated by Houston, and don’t think their championship should count.



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