Saturday, March 25, 2023

Family Karma: See Every Photo From Amrit & Nicholas’ Wedding

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What better way to end a season than with a wedding for the ages?

Family Karma stars Amrit Kapai and Nicholas Kouchoucas finally tied the knot on the Bravo series’ Feb. 26 season three finale. The couple of over a decade blended Indian traditions with modern touches for their April 2022 ceremony in Atlanta.

The grooms looked dashing in coordinating green outfits and tan turbans while saying “I do” under a gorgeous canopy of green and white flowers. For the reception, the reality stars changed into black and gold tuxedos to dance, cut the cake and party with those closest to them—including their families and Family Karma co-stars.

After growing up not seeing same-sex love stories represented on screen, Amrit exclusively explained to E! News what it means to him to share his and Nicholas’ special day with the world.

“I reached a point in my life where weddings made me sad, Bollywood movies made me sad, watching rom-coms started making me sad,” he exclusively shared, “because the only thing I could think about was this is not going to happen for me. I am so incredibly thrilled and so grateful to Bravo that we have the opportunity to tell our story, that people can see this wedding and know, ‘This is possible for me.'”



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