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Fans Get Encouraging Update On Von Miller

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Thanksgiving day was one full of concern for the Buffalo Bills.

This concern came from an injury that Von Miller went down with during the team’s Thanksgiving day game.

While the team left Detroit with a win, they also left with Miller suffering an injury that could shift their season’s momentum.

However, a report is giving the Bills some good news.

So what is this news, and how will Miller and his injury affect the Bills this season?


Bills Beat Reporter Gave Some Encouraging News About Miller’s Injury

Sal Capaccio gave some good news about Miller the day he suffered his injury.

In a tweet by him, he tells his followers how he saw Miller leaving the team locker room without help.

With him leaving without crutches, and walking out without help, it can signal the injury isn’t too bad.

However, after Miller got an MRI done, it shows he needs at least a week off.

The time off should give him enough time to allow for the swelling to go down.

But with a reevaluation possibly being done after the 7-10 days, there might be concern the injury is serious.

If this proves to be true, the Bills defense will be without its best lineman and biggest threat to quarterbacks.

With the Bills being Super Bowl favorites, they can’t afford to lose Miller for the season.

While he’s out for the team’s next game, a Thursday showdown with the New England Patriots, they hope he can return soon.

With him on defense, the Bills can keep their Super Bowl chances intact.



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