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Fed Decision Looms Over Financial Markets, Is Bitcoin Safe?

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Bitcoin and the entire crypto market are currently waiting with bated breaths to see the outcome of the FOMC meeting. The United States Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting began on Nov. 1 and the market now waits patiently for the decision of the Fed. In the last couple of months, the FOMC meeting has proven to be a very volatile time for the financial markets, and this time could prove to be no different depending on the announcement.

Fed Decision Effect On Bitcoin

The impact of the Fed’s decision on bitcoin has always been apparent. Depending on how tight it chooses to close its fist, the crypto market has always responded accordingly. A hike in interest rates has an adverse effect on risk assets such as bitcoin, leading to a decline in price, and vice versa. This is why forecasts are taken quite seriously as they could be a pointer on how to navigate the financial markets depending on what the Fed decides.

This time around, it has been reported that the Fed could hike interest rates once more by another 75 bps. If it does so, it would amount to the fourth consecutive rate hike, and given what happened in September, the crypto market could see wild volatility following the announcement.

Riduan Abdeselam Mohamed, Co-founder, and Chairman of Web3 ecosystem WeWay told Bitcoinist that while there are some who expect a slowdown in interest rates, it is more likely that there will be another hike. ”A good number also believe the Feds know better than to reduce their tightening at a time when inflation is pegged at 8.2%,” said Mohamed.

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Given this, it is quite easy to map out expectations according to two different outcomes. While a 75 bps hike remains likely, it is still possible that the Fed could announce a 50 bps increase. If the latter is the case, it would signal a slowdown in the rate hikes, which would likely push the price of assets like bitcoin higher. If this happens, then Mohamed expects that bitcoin could reach as high as $21,500 before the end of the week. However, if the more likely 75 bps increment is the case, then it is possible that the digital asset would fall below $20,000 once more. 

“While these two sides have a cogent basis to back their assumptions, I strongly believe the Federal Reserve will still announce an interest rate hike, but will likely lower the figure from the 75 basis points that it has instituted about 4 times now. We may get a 50 basis point increment this time which will still be a significant slowdown and a win for all sides,” Mohamed added.

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