Friday, June 9, 2023

First ‘three parent’ baby born in the UK using new IVF technique

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In the UK, a baby has been born using a new technique involving DNA from three people to help prevent the inheritance of incurable diseases.

The first UK baby created with DNA from three people has been born in a process to prevent children from inheriting incurable diseases.

The mitochondrial donation treatment (MDT), uses tissue from the eggs of healthy female donors to create embryos that are free from harmful mutations their mothers carry.

The embryos combine sperm and egg from the biological parents with tiny battery-like structures called mitochondria from the donor’s egg.

The resulting baby has DNA from the mother and father, plus a small amount from the donor.

Diseased, unhealthy mitochondria can lead to disorders of the heart or liver, they can contribute to neurological problems, seizures and muscle wastage.

The procedure is licensed by the UK’s government regulator called the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority.



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