Thursday, December 8, 2022

German girl, 8, freed after being kept in isolation for nearly all her life

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An eight-year-old German girl has been freed after reportedly being locked away in a house for almost her entire life.

The girl — known only as “Maria” — was found at her grandparents’ home in the western town of Attendorn in September.

Her family had allegedly kept her from “participating in life” and going to kindergarten or school.

According to German media, she had been locked in the house in isolation for seven years and now finds it difficult to climb stairs.

The girl has now been moved to temporary foster care and is reported to be “in good condition”. Doctors who examined the girl found no signs of physical mistreatment or malnourishment.

The public prosecutor’s office in Siegen is now investigating the child’s mother and grandparents for false imprisonment, a spokesperson confirmed.

Reports suggest that, after separating, the mother tried to hide “Maria” from her father and claimed that she had moved to Italy with her in 2015.



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