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Google Pixel 7a Reviews, Pros and Cons

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By TechRadar


The Google Pixel 7a is like a gas-guzzling roadster. It’s faster than it should be, looks great in photos, and needs to be refueled often along the way.

By TechAdvisor


The Pixel 7a is another excellent mid-range phone from Google that sticks surprisingly close to its flagship forebear while still offering impressive value. As ever the camera is the highlight, but smooth software and good performance keep this a compelling – albeit imperfect – package.

By SlashGear


The Google Pixel 7a is a solid piece of work. Google’s created a smartphone that is as on-point as any Pixel they’ve made before. The value of this smartphone is at least as much as its retail price — pretty much what Google’s “a” line of Pixel devices should aspire to be — when it comes down to it.

By The Verge


After a couple of years of A-series devices that felt a little phoned-in, Google has proved that it’s still paying attention to its midrange Pixel. Camera, performance, charging, display — nearly every aspect of this device has been improved a little bit. It’s not the cheapest midrange phone out there, but it’s a heck of a good deal.

By Tom’s Guide


There’s a lot to like about the improvements Google made to the Pixel 7a, which practically matches the Pixel 7 feature for feature. But the Samsung Galaxy A54 is $50 cheaper and does many of the same things just as well as the Pixel 7a, giving budget phone buyers a tough decision to make.

By cnet


With the Pixel 7A, it’s clear Google is leaning into competitive pricing as a major part of its effort to bring more Android users into the world of Pixel. My only concern is that Google may be blurring the line a bit too much between its A-series Pixel and regular Pixel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Google brought most of the features I asked for to the Pixel 7A. It just means I’ll be expecting more from the Pixel 8.

By Wired


If you want a well-rounded Android phone, you should get the Pixel 7A. It’s just as capable and attractive as the similarly great Galaxy A54 5G; both are devices I’d recommend, though the software extras you get with the Pixel are nice. A tip: Pixels go on sale pretty often, so I’d avoid paying the full retail price for the 7A if you’re not in a rush to own one.

By Ars Technica


While it would be nice if its update window were longer, there isn’t much out there that can compete with the Pixel 7a. Android’s sub-$500 price point is mostly the province of junk phones in the US, while the Pixel 7a is fast and capable. It has a great camera and essentially every smartphone feature you could want.

By AndroidPolice

The Pixel 7a is Google’s most advanced A-series device yet, nearly matching the Pixel 7 spec-for-spec. But with those extra features comes a price hike up to $500, and combined with some subpar battery life, it could be the first A-series Pixel device not worth your money.

By Engadget

As a whole, the 7a is kind of a shock because it delivers 95% of what you get from the standard Pixel 7, but for $100 cheaper. Usually, device makers don’t cannibalize their own devices like this. But Google didn’t shy away and the result is a big win for consumers. Would I like to have a dedicated zoom lens or a larger screen? Sure, but that’s [kind of] why the Pixel 7 Pro exists.

By PhoneArena

We expect that the Pixel 7a will be another smash-hit success on the mid-range market and will easily steal the crown from the Pixel 6a and become one of the more sought-after Pixel phones available in 2023!



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