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Hogwarts Legacy talents are a way of improving your character in the open-world RPG, giving you a better chance of succeeding at school, and thwarting whatever menace that may be in your way. The wizarding game has many avenues of improvement, from upgrading your abilities to acquiring new equipment and improving your Talents.

Character growth is one of the primary aspects of an RPG game – going on a journey with your creation, not only from a story perspective but your abilities too. It’s what makes these some of the best PC games you can play. But how do Hogwarts Legacy talents work, and what can you do to make your character more powerful?

What are Hogwarts Legacy talents?

Talents are permanent upgrades for your character, and they are separated into five different categories:

  • Core: Improving your core talent increases your character’s general effectiveness, such as increased health and mobility.
  • Room of Requirement: These are upgrades that will improve a player’s abilities in the Room of Requirement.
  • Stealth: Abilities that aid you in moving around without being noticed.
  • Unknown: This category has yet to be revealed.
  • Unknown: This category has yet to be revealed.

How to level up talents

You can level up your Hogwarts Legacy character in a few ways; equipment can be upgraded, as can abilities, along with talents. Completing challenges in the open world game gives you experience, which can then be applied to upgrading your talents. What these challenges look like at this stage, we’re not sure, but we’ll update this guide as soon as we know more.

Now you know about Hogwarts Legacy talents, you’re ready to take on anything that the wizarding world can throw at you. Whether that’s an evil witch or a goblin uprising, nothing will be too much for you once you’ve reached your full potential. If you’re prepping for your wizard adventure, and you’re wondering just how long is Hogwarts Legacy, or when does Hogwarts Legacy take place, we’ve got your back.



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