Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Holiday Shopping 2022: 20 Must-Have Gifts For Beauty Buffs

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Don’t touch that eyeshadow palette: Makeup gifts are so last year. After all, every beauty buff does have their own signature style, but they’re also just as likely to change up looks depending on trends or moods. What I’m saying is: Since beauty buffs love it so much, they’re definitely set on makeup.

However, that doesn’t mean your favorite makeup maven, skincare star, and hair care idol rolled into one is impossible to shop for. In fact, they’re easy! I know, I know, but hear me out: The classic beauty buff is usually so set in his or her routine, right? As a result, they may not realize what needs to be replaced, enhanced, or replenished in their collection.

Everyone likes a mud mask, but what about the right tool to use it with? Or a plush wrap to keep hair away from the mask they’re applying?

Instead of gifting them another makeup collection here are 20 essential gifts for beauty buffs (get it?) to help them primp, polish, and perfect. Ones they probably won’t be getting from anyone else.



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