Thursday, February 9, 2023

Hornets Announcer Had Hilarious Moment In Game

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It’s safe to say that the Charlotte Hornets aren’t exactly the most successful franchise in NBA history.

They had some nice runs in the 80s and 90s, but they’re one of the few NBA teams with no Finals appearances, let alone a championship ring.

Also, it was a while before they had some young, exciting players like LaMelo Ball that were actually exciting and worthy of watching.

Enter Eric Collins, and all Hornets games are simply must-watch television, as long as you tune in to their team’s broadcast.

Collins has already entered national treasure territory with his hilarious remarks and screams every time one of the Hornets’ young guns makes an electric play.

That was again on full display when LaMelo pulled up from way downtown in the Hornets’ loss to the Portland Trail Blazers when Collins made sure that everybody from the East Coast was wide awake while watching the game with one of his signature screams.

Of course, some may not be exactly fond of Collins’ antics and could find him kind of annoying, especially if they’re not Hornets fans.

But c’mon, guys, in an era with a mostly boring and repetitive commentary full of clichés and prefabricated phrases, it’s nice to hear someone who’s as excited as the fans for a change.

The NBA is an entertaining product, and, as such, it should be entertaining, and Eric Collins most definitely makes his part in that.

Hopefully, the league will give him a chance to do the Slam Dunk contest one day.



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