Thursday, February 2, 2023

How The Circle’s All-Single Season 5 Shook Things Up

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Circle, send message: You’re all single now.

For the social media competition series’ fifth season, which premiered Dec. 28, The Circle is switching things up and having everyone play as single, no matter their relationship status. And, naturally, tons of flirting has already ensued. 

But, did the twist switch up the competitors’ strategy? For the non-catfish in the group, not really.

“Going into it, I was very transparent in my bio,” Sam Carmona exclusively told E! News. “I said, ‘My love life is a s–t show.’ Clear as day. Because I just haven’t had any luck!”

Raven Sutton, who also went into The Circle as herself, agreed, saying it was a “no-brainer” to play as single. 

“My strategy the entire game was, ‘Yes, I was single because I am single,'” she explained. “Part of my strategy was indeed to be myself, to be authentic. It didn’t change my strategy in the game. I already knew how I was coming in I was gonna flirt with folks, ‘cause that’s just how my personality is.”



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