Tuesday, January 24, 2023

How The White Lotus Changed Sabrina Impacciatore’s Life

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Sabrina Impacciatore has checked in to her best life. 

The White Lotus star is sharing how being cast as hotel manager Valentina in the HBO series drastically transformed her life and career.

“I’ve often been in California, [but] after the first episode aired, everyone recognized me,” she said in a December interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “I’ve become part of a real cultural phenomenon that is followed very passionately.”

However, Impacciatore almost didn’t play the dedicated Valentina, as she initially rejected the audition.

“I have to confess: I hadn’t seen the first season [when I was cast],” she recalled. “In general, I don’t really watch TV series. I simply don’t have time. I was called by my agent who said: ‘This is an important audition; they’ve been looking for an actress for four months now, and they can’t find her.’ I was already shooting a different film at the time, so initially, I said no.”

Thankfully, Impacciatore eventually agreed to the audition—after binge watching season one—and rest, as they say, was history.

“It was all beyond my expectations, but it definitely lived up to my dreams,” she continued. “Being part of this project was a big, enormous chance for me. Because I was finally able to truly see things that, here in Italy, [otherwise] just wouldn’t be possible.” 



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