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How Tia Mowry Is Handling Good Days and Bad Days Amid Divorce

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E!: How has Tamera Mowry been there for you? 

TM: The coolest thing about having a twin or a sister that’s around the same age as you, you go through life right next to each other. The things that I am experiencing are the things that she’s experiencing. We often can relate or empathize or sympathize to whatever we’re going through. We have been side-by-side, evolving and growing as humans since day one. When you look at it from that perspective, the relationship is very deep and very profound. We get each other without even having to have to talk and I feel like that’s a beautiful thing to have.

E!: Speaking of family, what are your favorite holiday traditions in your household?

TM: I absolutely love the holidays mainly because of traditions. I am all about passing those traditions down from generation to generation. This year for Thanksgiving, we’re going to head on over to Napa to my sister’s house, cook together and just have a great time there with the family and the kids. Food creates so many amazing memories and experiences that these kids will take with them as they grow into adulthood. Christmas time, of course, is about the food and decorating the tree. I love everything about Christmas but at the same time, it’s more about me just chilling and relaxing, eating and just having a great time with the family.

E!: What are your tips for getting your kids to like try new foods that may be hesitant about?

TM: Make it fun. That’s what I love about the Cookie Monster Pancake recipe. It’s great for the kids. It’s recognizable. It’s something that they can have fun in the kitchen.



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