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Is The AFC East The Best Division In The NFL?

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The NFL action in the AFC East has seen all four teams in the division have a winning record.

While other divisions are less competitive, the AFC East is showing some promise.

However, is this division the best in the NFL, or are these teams pretenders?


AFC East Has Scored The Most Points In 2022

If we break down the best division by how many points the teams score, the AFC East takes the trophy.

The four teams have a combined total of 999 points scored so far this season.

However, two of those teams already played on Thursday, adding 54 points to that total.

But even after taking out the totals from Thursday’s games, the AFC East still leads the pack in scoring.

While the scoring is led by two teams, it’s still a division where the teams are full of offense.

However, this scoring also gives the AFC East something no other division has this season.


AFC East Has Two Of The Best Quarterbacks In The NFL

While Patrick Mahomes is dominating the AFC West, there are two quarterbacks in the AFC East making their marks.

Those two quarterbacks are Josh Allen and Tua Tagovailoa.

Tagovailoa is having his best season ever, as he’s doing better than anyone could have expected.

His performance in 2022 has him with the best QBR, even higher than Mahomes’ QBR for this season.

With Allen coming in third place in this ranking, it shows the AFC East has the best quarterbacks.

So if offense and high rated quarterback play is what you want, the AFC East is the best division in the NFL for this.



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