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Jeff Saturday Is At Least Confident For His New Job

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While some doubt Jeff Saturday and his chances as the Indianapolis Colts head coach, he’s got full confidence in himself.

During a session with the media, he made a statement to everyone, showing confidence in his job.

However, the media questioning him over his capabilities comes from him having zero NFL coaching experience.

But despite this, Saturday is sending a message to those doubters.

So what did he say, which shows how confident he is in himself?


Saturday Says He “Ain’t Going To Back Down” With His Challenge

While Saturday has no NFL coaching experience, it isn’t intimidating him going into this Sunday’s game.

He starts by telling the media how he knows that he “can lead men.”

However, his ending statement was how he “ain’t going to back down” with this job.

Saturday is showing no fear with this statement, something team owner Jim Irsay saw in him before hiring him.

It’s this fearlessness which got him the job, along with being a former member of the Colts as a player.

While everyone else might doubt him, he doesn’t doubt himself.

However, he notes how he might not be good at coaching, as he knows he’s never done this before.

But he also tells reports about how he has seen how coaching works from his time as a player.

While those observations might help him, this doesn’t necessarily mean he will succeed.

However, fans will have to wait until Sunday to see if Saturday works out for the Colts.



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