Thursday, February 9, 2023

Jenna Marbles’ Husband Julien Solomita Says Their Home Was Broken Into

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Jenna Marbles‘ new year started off on a scary note.

The YouTuber’s new husband, Julien Solomita, detailed a break-in involving a “complete stranger” at the couple’s Los Angeles home that he says prompted him to jump into action and defend their family.

“Today someone broke into our house,” the Twitch streamer wrote in an Instagram Story Jan. 2. “A woman, that we don’t know, entered our home unannounced. Upon her entering our back door, I immediate subdued her with OC/pepper spray and was able to lock her out.”

The 30-year-old said police were called to the scene, where the woman was “apprehended and arrested.” 

“Jenna, the dogs, and myself are safe,” Julien continued, adding that while he does not know personally know the suspect, she has been “harassing me at my home throughout the last 2 months.”

TMZ, citing law enforcement sources, reported on Jan. 3 that the woman is an alleged stalker. Per the outlet, she has been taken to a local hospital for treatment for pepper spray and will be booked on a felony stalking charge.



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