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Lamar Jackson Shares Heartfelt Moment With Young Fan

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Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson might be all business on the field, but his actions off the field show a person with a kind heart.

With the Ravens coming off a big win in New Orleans on Monday, Jackson made a brief pit stop to see someone.

This someone is a young NFL fan, who is also a fan of the Ravens’ star QB.

While it’s common for Jackson to interact with fans, this moment was heartfelt for one reason.


A Ravens Fan In Mississippi Got A Special Moment With Jackson

In a video posted on the Ravens’ Twitter account, Jackson goes to Mississippi to visit one of his fans named Landon.

The moment is so special for Landon, as he is battling a heart condition and lives too far away to see Jackson play in person.

However, the former MVP QB took it on himself to visit Landon.

As he walks through the door, the kid lights up, heading to Jackson for a hug.

The QB reached out with open arms, giving Landon a heartfelt embrace while complimenting him on his jersey.

While some NFL players are all business, Jackson shows how he has a heart of gold.

This heartfelt moment will forever be remembered by fans and young Landon.

When a player has a moment like this with a fan, it’s always something special.

It also shows a side of Jackson some people might have never known before.

While Landon was crying in that video, it was this moment with Jackson that leaves everyone else in tears.



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