Saturday, February 4, 2023

LaNisha Cole Responds to Critics Calling Her “Baby Mama #538”

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LaNisha Cole has decided to call out the critics.

The photographer, who shares 3-month-old daughter Onyx Ice with Nick Cannon, fired back at those who have criticized her and Nick’s blended family.

“For the people who still feel the need to be nasty towards me and send me disrespectful messages.. I get that it’s easy to sit on your phone and look at a tiny glimpse of a person’s life and feel like you’re better than them,” she wrote in a message shared to Instagram Dec. 21. “Yes I’ve made mistakes. Yes I’ve put myself through unnecessary pain and heartbreak. But I’m choosing to do better.”

Noting that there are many things not shown and much she wishes to one day share, LaNisha called an end to the comments about her presence in Nick’s family tree.

“Calling me baby mama #538 every time I say the sky is blue is uncalled for and it’s getting old,” she added. “I wouldn’t change a single thing about my journey because I’m in a beautiful place now.”



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