Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Libyan authorities send back illegal migrants to neighbouring countries

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Libya has sent over 200 migrants from neighbouring countries back to their homelands, in a rare display of cooperation from the country’s divided institutions.

The group was mainly made up of 105 Egyptians, 101 Chadians and 20 Sudanese according to Badreddine al-Sed Ben Hamed, deputy chief of the bureau in charge of the operation.

Embassy staff from the people’s home countries watched the process as migrants were given biscuits and water for the long journey.

Libya is a massive conduit for illegal migration, with people mainly entering through the vast and largely unguarded Saraha desert to the south, before attempting to reach Europe.

Due to rival administrations existing in the west and east of the country, government services and authority is patchy, making it an alluring place to operate for people smugglers.



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