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NBA Playoff Series Has Close Odds Despite A 3-1 Lead

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One of the most surprising series in the opening round of the playoffs has been between the Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks.

It felt like the Heat limped into the playoffs and that their fate was sealed against the top-seeded Bucks.

But they now have a 3-1 lead over the Bucks, who run the very serious risk of being eliminated in the first round.

Despite that, Caesars Sportsbook says the odds for either team to win this series are very close, with the Heat holding -130 and the Bucks with +110.

This is music to the ears of Bucks fans who are very nervous about their team’s chances right now.

It shows that even with the horrible few games they’ve had, Milwaukee is still a competitive and strong team.

Anyone would be silly to completely count them out.

However, they have a very tall order and it’ll be incredibly hard for them to fight all the way back to victory after being down 3-1.

That is especially true if Giannis Antetokounmpo is still suffering from lower back issues.

There was hope that he would be able to power his team to a much-needed win on Monday during his first game back after the injury.

But although Antetokounmpo – and others – played well, the Heat weren’t able to contain Jimmy Butler, who set a franchise playoff record.

Fans of the team are hopeful that Butler comes back down to Earth a bit and doesn’t score more than 50 again.

They are also hopeful that Antetokounmpo feels even better.

If that happens, this series could get tighter and the Bucks might have a chance.

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