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NFL Insider Gives Update On Josh McDaniels’ Job Status

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Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels is having an awful season with his team.

While this is his second run as an NFL head coach, nothing is going any differently from his first run as a head coach.

However, there’s an update on McDaniels’ job status with the Raiders.


Josina Anderson Says McDaniels Is “Safe” From Being Fired

On Monday, NFL insider Josina Anderson made a tweet stating McDaniels is safe from being fired.

Despite the Raiders having a 2-6 record, the team is sticking with their coach.

As Anderson points out, the Raiders aren’t panicking over their situation this season.

However, it’s not stopping fans from being angry their superstar team is doing poorly this season.

Despite having a stellar offense with Davante Adams, Derek Carr, and Josh Jacobs, the Raiders are losing games.

But these losses aren’t from a lack of offense, it’s from their defense blowing leads.


Raiders Defense Has Blown Three 17-Point Leads This Season

It’s hard to win games when the defense can’t hold off opposing offenses.

This is the issue with the Raiders defense, who have blown three 17-point leads this season.

The statistic puts the Raiders in a tie for most 17+ point leads blown in a single season.

While some people blame Carr and the offense, it’s clear the defense is the issue.

If they can turn their defensive woes around, maybe the Raiders season won’t be completely lost.

However, it takes better play calling from the team to help ensure their defense doesn’t allow leads to slip away.



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