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NFL Insider Names New Team Interested In Odell Beckham Jr.

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For Odell Beckham Jr., it’s been a long year for him.

While he remains a free agent, plenty of NFL teams are interested in signing the star receiver.

However, it seems these teams are waiting for him to fully recover from his ACL injury before signing him.

While teams are waiting, an NFL insider reveals a new team is coming forward as an interested party for Beckham.

So what insider is giving this scoop and who’s the team that wants Beckham this season?


Ian Rapoport Tweets Which NFL Team Is Now Eying Beckham

During a segment going over Ryan Tannehill‘s availability against the Chiefs, Ian Rapoport revealed which NFL team wants OBJ.

He then made a tweet about this, with the video clip of his segment included in the tweet.

With the Cowboys in a tight NFC East, they can use an extra weapon on offense for Dak Prescott.

However, the situation with OBJ has him out until early December, according to Rapoport.

But it’s clear, the Cowboys are watching the star receiver and his recovery progress.

With the Cowboys one game behind the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles, they can still take over the NFC East.

While they have a solid defense and running game, they clearly are looking for more weapons for Prescott.

However, with Beckham being out for so long, there’s no guarantee that he can help the Cowboys.

While he’s not game ready, the Cowboys at least see some value in signing him.

With the NFC being the hot conference this season, the Cowboys know they need everything they can get to make a playoff push.



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