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PJ Walker Leads All NFL QB’s In One Stat This Season

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The Carolina Panthers quarterback issues might have a silver lining for them this season.

While the team went from Sam Darnold to Baker Mayfield over the summer, it’s PJ Walker who’s running the offense currently.

With him taking over, he came into the week leading all other NFL quarterbacks in one statistic.

So which NFL statistic does Walker lead in above all other NFL quarterbacks?


Walker Has Longest Completed Pass By Air Distance In 2022

PJ Walker made a Hail Mary pass this season that now has him leading all other NFL quarterbacks this season.

His Hail Mary pass, which went 67.6 yards, is the longest completed pass of 2022 by air distance.

While other notable QBs are on this list, it’s Walker who tops them all.

The former XFL star has been a bright spot for an otherwise failing franchise this season.

However, his miracle pass isn’t enough to save the Panthers season, as they need a lot of help to win the NFC South.

While Walker has this one statistic under his belt, his play against the Cincinnati Bengals had the Panthers looking back to Mayfield yet again.


Walker’s Struggles During Week Nine Leads To Benching

With Walker going 3-for-10, and passing for only nine yards with two interceptions, the Panthers went back to Mayfield.

After having a 300+ yard game against the Atlanta Falcons, Walker followed it up with a horrible performance.

While he might still be the starting QB, the Panthers could end up starting Mayfield or Darnold in their next game.

With their season pretty much over, there’s no telling what they will do this season.



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