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Red Sox Fan Has Hilarious Offseason Plan For The Team

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The Boston Red Sox thought they had a good 2021-22 offseason, a year after making the American League Championship Series.

On paper, it didn’t seem bad: they secured a top shortstop target in Trevor Story on a $140 million deal, they brought in Michael Wacha for the rotation, among others.

However, time proved them wrong.

With a 78-84 record, they finished last in the AL East standings.

Of course, not every problem they had in 2022 should be attributed to the offseason, but they did fail to build a trustworthy bullpen and player development was lacking in comparison to other teams in the division.

A fan came up with a 2022-23 offseason plan for Boston to return to contention.

“Whatever Chaim Bloom did last offseason, do the exact opposite this year, and the Red Sox should be title contenders in 2023,” Thomas Carrieri tweeted.


Red Sox Fans Are Frustrated About How Things Went In 2022

A hilarious idea, no doubt.

In reality, however, that will imply not spending money on a big contract (Story) and not bringing in a low-risk, upside play for the rotation like Wacha.

Fans are understandably frustrated that the team came in last in the AL East, but things happen in the season, too, not just in the offseason.

The Red Sox suffered untimely injuries, several stars didn’t play as well as expected (JD Martinez is a good example), and other obstacles came in the way.

As long as they can match or approach what the Tampa Bay Rays, the New York Yankees, the Toronto Blue Jays, and even the Baltimore Orioles did when it comes to developing unexpected contributors, Boston will have a chance at returning to contention.

They didn’t necessarily do a bad job there, but they need much more progress there.



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