Friday, December 9, 2022

Ryan Dorsey Shares His Fitness Progress With Shirtless Photo

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Ryan Dorsey is giving an update on his body transformation. 

The Big Sky star shared a shirtless mirror pic on his Instagram that showed off his workout progress, encouraging his followers to be “consistent” with their own goals. 

“Swipe to see me this time last year,” he wrote in an Nov. 4 post. “Start your New Years Resolutions now before the holidays and you’ll be glad you’re two months ahead.”

Ryan continued, “Consistency is key. Some days are harder than others, but you’ll always feel better after you get them endorphins going.”

The 39-year-old—who shares 7-year-old son Josey with the late Naya Rivera—noted that exercising “works as an anti-depressant” for him.

“I never regret choosing to workout,” he said, before he cheekily revealed others goals he has in mind for the next year. “Trying to get #DCuniverse #Marvel in 2023. Trying to hit the 185lb mark.”




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