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Should The Seahawks Sign Geno Smith To A Long-Term Deal?

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The Seattle Seahawks are getting a career year out of quarterback Geno Smith this season.

While the 32-year-old has done little in his NFL career, he’s doing everything he can to win in 2022.

However, should the Seahawks give him a long-term deal based on one outstanding season of play?


Russell Wilson Should Serve As A Cautionary Tale Against A Long-Term Deal

Before the start of 2022, Russell Wilson was the face of the Seahawks and their franchise quarterback.

However, when teams started making trades in 2022, the Seahawks sent Wilson to the Denver Broncos.

Shortly after getting him, the Broncos gave Wilson a huge contract extension.

Since getting his long-term deal with the Broncos, he’s been a disaster for their team.

With Smith being 32, and not having a history of performing at a high-level, the Seahawks should learn from what happened with their former quarterback in Denver.

While Smith has everything going for him in 2022, there’s too much risk to a long-term deal.

The biggest reason might come from the Wilson deal earlier this season.


Seahawks Hold A High Value Draft Pick From Denver

Right now, the Seahawks hold the fifth overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft thanks to Denver.

However, that placement can move based on how the Broncos perform during their last games of the season.

If the Seahawks land a top-five pick, then signing Smith to a long-term deal might not happen.

With three college quarterbacks already expected to go in the top five, Smith’s deal can depend on how the Broncos finish 2022.

While the Seahawks should keep Smith for another season, a long-term deal seems out of the question.



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