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Skip Bayless Calls One NFL Player The Biggest “Diva” In The League

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Skip Bayless is using his voice on Undisputed to call out one NFL player during Wednesday’s show.

In an epic rant, Bayless does everything to expose one player as the diva he feels they are in the NFL.

So which player is he referring to during his rant on Wednesday’s episode of Undisputed?


Bayless Calls Out Quarterback Aaron Rodgers As A Diva In The NFL

Bayless starts out his nearly four-minute rant of quarterback Aaron Rodgers by stating how he’s been calling him out since day one.

With him seeing Rodgers as a “blame defecting diva,” it’s clear how he feels about the four-time MVP quarterback.

However, his rant goes on about how his teammates “don’t care,” about him.

This then gets co-host Shannon Sharpe to agree with Bayless, as he says the team wants to “throw him (Rodgers) over the wall.”

While Green Bay fans will disagree, these two analysts are correct.

With Rodgers laying blame on others, it causes a disconnect with his teammates.

His earlier calling out of players publicly has caused issues.

While it’s not always in the news, some fans realized how some of his teammates weren’t helping him during games.

However, there will be a segment of fans who still believe all is right in Packer land.

With these fans, they don’t see how much of a diva their starting quarterback is in Green Bay.

Instead of letting his predecessor get some reps in, he clings onto the hope of making the playoffs.

While the Packers chances are a long-shot, Rodgers will ride it out if it means keeping Jordan Love on the bench.



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