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Skip Bayless Describes Lakers’ Game 2 Loss As ‘Shameful’

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There are countless people who are disappointed by the Los Angeles Lakers‘ performance on Thursday night.

After stealing a big Game 1 win against the Golden State Warriors, the Lakers suffered a blowout loss in Game 2 and were beaten by 27 points.

On Friday morning, Skip Bayless laid into the Lakers, who let go of a huge opportunity to put the Warriors in a dreadful position.

“This was shameful. This was a golden opportunity to seize them by the throat and put them in a hole I think they can’t get out of,” Bayless said on Friday’s Undisputed.

Bayless, like most people, had problems with many parts of LA’s game.

But he was particularly upset with Anthony Davis, who scored just 11 points and 7 rebounds, going 5-of-11 from the field.

He wasn’t playing with the same sort of dominant power that he showed in Game 1.

“I saw tentative, I saw passive, I saw drifting,” Bayless said of Davis’ performance.

Bayless said that Davis failed to dictate the tempo of the game as he has before.

Instead of positioning the game low in the post like he usually does, Davis allowed the game to be played from the perimeter, which helped the Warriors in a huge way.

Many people are complaining about Davis’ Thursday night showing.

He has made a habit of playing big in one game, and then being minimal in the next.

Does this mean that he will redeem himself in Game 3?

The Warriors didn’t rely on their regular lineup on Thursday because Stephen Curry was limited and Kevon Looney didn’t play as much due to illness.

But the Lakers still allowed the Warriors to walk all over them and they will need a big performance on Saturday to get their momentum back.

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